May 31, 2018

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IBM Has 500 Job Openings in India

by Times of India     06-18-2020

Rod Bourgeois conveys the importance of India in providing a large talent pool and also enabling IT services firms to achieve low costs to compete for upcoming outsourcing deals geared to deliver cost savings for clients.

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Top IT Firms Lower Guard To Bag Big Contracts

by Economic Times     12-23-2014

Rod Bourgeois voices concern about IT services firms becoming more aggressive on pricing and contractual terms.

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Cognizant Will Ask 400 More Executives To Leave

by Times of India     05-27-2020

In this article, Rod Bourgeois shares perspective on the cultural change that has been needed at Cognizant. It also contends that senior staff departures at Cognizant are due to both wanted and unwanted attrition.

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Top 5 Indian IT Firms To Decelerate [2017]

by Times of India     06-23-2017

This article covers DeepDive/Everest Group's industry forecast for 2017. It also underscores the need for Indian IT services firms to invest in digital capabilities.

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NY Times – Can Infosys Adjust to Trump’s ‘Hire American’?

by New York Times     10-15-2018

This NY Times article draws on DeepDive's research and inputs from Rod Bourgeois. This article addresses challenges faced by Infosys as it invests in onshore staffing.

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