(Reference info is available for each entry below)
Institutional Investor:
STOCK INSIGHTS:  "Rod is the gold standard of stock research" (quote published in Institutional Investor magazine).
CEO of IT services firm:
INDUSTRY EXPERTISE:  "DeepDive and Everest are true industry specialists that continually provide thought leadership that I rely on to stress test my market views."
Portfolio Manager at hedge fund:
STOCK INSIGHTS:  "Rod's batting average on stock calls is very impressive.  I always want his views on both the short- and long-term outlook for IT services stocks."
Tech Sector Head at blue-chip hedge fund:
RESEARCH DEPTH:  "Rod's research depth and pattern recognition on IT services stocks is unmatched...  He's the hardest working and most thorough stock diligence contributor I've ever worked with."
Partner at major private equity firm:
DUE DILIGENCE:  "DeepDive's diligence team provided more industry expertise and more impactful conclusions than the strategy consulting firms we've used to conduct due diligence."